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A white, puffy
3D cloud on a blue background.

Hackin’ away

By Laurent Baumann

Last Saturday, we ran our first “internal+” hackathon. We were nine people, hacking away for 3 hours.

taking a nap in bed, wearing a Vision Pro with protective cover as a
sleeping mask.

Vision Pro: Apple Watch or Macintosh?

By Michael Gutensohn

Updates on MRjs, upcoming hackathons, and launching a podcast with our thoughts on the Vision Pro!

A 3D whale
breaking out of water, on a wall

A whale of a Demo

By Michael Gutensohn

In this post, we’ll break down how we created the above demo, from its simplest form, to a jaw-dropping semi-immersive experience.

The mrjs logo. A
blue and purple, abstract bow tie, with the text mrjs besides it

The mrjs logo

By Laurent Baumann

mrjs, our open-source and extensible Web Components library for the Spatial Web, needed a logo. Here it is!

screenshot of HTML code showing a simpler markup than before

New and improved

By Hannah Bollar

The benefit of building in public is that you can see as we play with ideas and pivot the code structurally over-time.

A photo of the
Volumetrics logo sitting on top of our first term sheet.

Looking back

By Michael Gutensohn

Who doesn’t like a good “startup journey” story?

screenshot of a poem in XR

A Spatial Update

By Michael Gutensohn

The spatial web needs more poetry. Thankfully, Leo has been playing with mrjs, and he illustrated a poem.

An old
postcard showing a saloon-looking building. You can read Pioneer Hotel,
Dinner Dancing, and Cocktails on the facade.

Setting Sail

By Laurent Baumann

We have been defining how and when you can start playing with our platform, and I would like to walk you through it.

This is the
HTML like markup for mrjs, built on top of web components.

A little practical magic

By Michael Gutensohn

This week, we made a lot of progress on MR.js, adaptive UI & physics-based interactions.

A bronze
spheroform sitting on a wooden table.

Branding intro

By Laurent Baumann

As promised, this week I will walk you through the thinking process while showcasing the brand.

Still of
the animation of a hand passing behind the logo, and being occluded
properly by it

Picking up speed

By Michael Gutensohn

In between fundraising and interviewing, I did manage to implement some key features in MR.js.

photo of Laurent and Michael in San Francisco, on the patio of a coffee

We raised money

By Michael Gutensohn

You shouldn’t need a computer to use your computer.

Volumetrics logo floating above a wooden table, with a coffee shop scene
blurred in the background

Hello World

By Michael Gutensohn

We’ve been hard at work getting things off the ground, but we’re very excited to have you along for the journey.