A Spatial Update

The spatial web needs more poetry. Thankfully, Leo has been playing with mrjs, and he illustrated a poem.

By Michael Gutensohn

Michael’s writing this week. We have a few exciting updates and a demo! So let’s jump right in.

Welcome Hannah!

I’m excited to introduce Hannah Bollar! Hannah is joining us as a founding graphics engineer; it’s been a few weeks, but she’s already become a core member of the team and is accelerating our development efforts to breakneck speeds.

Here’s a little more about Hannah in her own words:

Hannah, looking at the camera and smiling, is wearing a blue shirt with a calm sea behind her.

Hiya, I’m Hannah 👋

Growing up in the Bay Area, my days were filled with sports, art, and building various projects. I enjoyed collaborating and embracing challenges, whether with family, friends, or siblings. My interests in physics, math, and art, combined with the prevalent coding culture in the Bay Area, naturally steered my career path.

I went to college in Philadelphia in 2015, majoring in a field that married my interests. During college, I found a passion for teaching, community, and mentoring. After graduating in 2019, I joined Pixar, fulfilling a childhood dream by working on films like Luca. In 2021, I took a bold step to co-found KittyCAD, an early-stage hard-tech startup.

Now, in 2023, I’m excited to dive back into coding and early-stage project work at Volumetrics, aiming to make it a one-stop-shop for designers and developers.

The first mrjs experience written by someone else!

The world (and especially the spatial web) needs more poetry, and illustrated books. Thankfully, Leonid Danenkov has been playing with mrjs for a bit now, and he illustrated a poem, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth.

Screenshot of the first frame of the YouTube video. The poem on a white background, floating in the air, is ready to be read.

I love the use of a skybox to match certain events of the poem, along with the inline 3D shapes. I hope more people pair beautiful text with matching spatial experiences!

Watch it on YouTube

mrjs updates

Here are a few features we’re working on: as always, you can stay more up-to-date by starring our GitHub repo.


Anchoring is a key feature of any mr experience and allows you to take advantage of the environment, working it into your experience. So I’ve been exploring different ways to incorporate anchoring via the mr-surface tag.

Here’s an experiment with user driven anchoring. when enabled, the user can choose to immediately place the “surface” in front of them by performing a pinch and release gesture.

A pinch gesture that places the app floating in front of you

Or they can choose to resize the panel by performing a pinch and pull gesture. Doing this expands the panel and moves it further away so that the UI remains within view. If the panel collides with a wall it will naturally align with the plane, allowing the user to anchor the UI to it.

A pull gesture that anchors the app on a wall

This is experimental and subject to change, and we’d love any feedback you may have.


I’m most excited about our progress in integrating support for CSS. What’s even more exciting is that developers can adjust these values in real time using their browser inspector.

A screenshot of a browser window with the developer inspector opened

We currently support basic features such as width, height, z-index, and partial support for font and background properties. We’re currently integrating support for CSS Grid and flexbox, which should ship in the coming week.

Responsive spatial layout

We’re also working on adding another dimension to responsive design in mrjs, enabling developers to create experiences that are accessible through mobile and desktop browsers with little to no adjustments. To show you what I mean, open the poem on your phone!

A hand holding a phone, displaying the XR poem website in 2D

View the poem on your phone

Join WebXR.social!

We’re big fans of Mastodon, so we’re launching an instance for the WebXR community! Laurent, Hannah, and I are already signed up. Jump in and sign up to keep track of what’s happening with the Spatial Web.

Til next time

We have a lot more in the pipeline, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Hannah has in store for us as she ramps up. So stay tuned for our next update.