Vision Pro: Apple Watch or Macintosh?

Updates on MRjs, upcoming hackathons, and launching a podcast with our thoughts on the Vision Pro!

By Michael Gutensohn

Hello! It’s Michael.

We have a few updates this week: we received our Vision Pro, we’ve made some great improvements to MRjs, and we’re launching our company podcast!

The Volumetrics Podcast, Episode 1

As we’re all aware, the Vision Pro has finally shipped! Ours was delivered to my home, and it felt like greeting an old friend.

If you don’t already know, We both worked at Apple. Laurent worked on macOS and the early iPad, and I worked on the Vision Pro itself. Obviously we both have a lot of thoughts on it, what it means for the web, and how it compares to other Apple products. We got so deep into the discussion that we felt it would be a great first episode to the company podcast. Check it out below and subscribe on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen.

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MRjs updates - 0.5.0 & 100+ ⭐️ on Github!

We’ve been really happy with how MRjs is being received since we unveiled it at the WebXR meetup. We’re over 100 stars and growing on GitHub, our Discord community is also growing with early adopters and contributors, and we have more exciting apps in the pipeline!

Here are some updates in this week’s release:

Platform Research Hackathon

We’ve built an early prototype of our cloud-based Spatial Web Editor, and we’re using it to host our first hackathon! Our goal is to learn and test ways to improve the spatial developer experience, and use these learnings as we begin work on our platform.

This hackathon is invite only as we work out logistics, but we plan to host them monthly. We’ll also be sure to report back our results next week, so stay tuned!

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