Setting Sail

We have been defining how and when you can start playing with our platform, and I would like to walk you through it.

By Laurent Baumann

Laurent here. This week, let’s talk about our road map.

We have been hard at work defining how and when you will be able to start playing with our platform, and I would like to walk you through it. But first, I would love to show you our office, which we really, really like!

Our office

An old postcard showing a saloon-looking building. You can read Pioneer Hotel, Dinner Dancing, and Cocktails on the facade.

Michael and I spent quite some time looking for a great office for the company. We wanted something nice, quiet, spacious, and relatively cheap, which is very hard to find in the Bay Area.

Thankfully, after some searching, we found a great spot in Woodside: the Pioneer Hotel, built in 1882, is surrounded by trees and horses. It has an interesting history. We believe this will be a great place to build the future of the spatial web while regularly touching grass. 😊

The road map

Alright, let’s switch to something more important: our first milestone!

Start with a playground

Step one: We want you to be able to play with Volumetrics as soon as possible. For this, we decided to build a playground. A gallery of small projects highlighting different parts of the library. You can get all the deets in this messy document, but here are the cliff notes.

We want you to explore Volumetrics

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with a turn-key solution to build mixed-reality web apps: asset management, a physics engine, a code editor, one-click deployment, and much more.

It will take us time to build it all, but I think Volumetrics will be useful long before we have everything in place.

The playgrounds will be a place for you to start playing with our CSS-like styling, the physics engine, responsive layouts, and basic interactions. It will not require an account or allow you to start from scratch yet, but it will allow you to explore MR.js and hopefully share your feedback with us.

We need your feedback

One of the main reasons we are starting here is because we need to learn from you. We want to know what you need to make spatial web apps, so we can build the right library for you.

I hope that by playing with some of the things we built, you will have ideas for things you wish to build and share them with us. We will have a robust feedback system in place, so it will be easy to track and respond to all your feedback.

When can I get it?

It’s always very hard to promise anything in software, but we are aiming for the playground to be online before the end of the year. In the next newsletter, Tessa will share the high-level design of the back end, so stay tuned to learn more!

Until next time, Laurent